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Guided Alaska Backpacking Trips

Trekking and hiking in Alaska's Brooks Range

This years Alaska Backpacking trips include our Gates of the Arctic Backpack, a classic hike in the High Peaks of the Brooks Range, and our new Wulik Peaks Backpack. Full schedule below.


Alaska backpacking tours are an opportunity to travel lightly through the Arctic wilderness. These guided trips offer a chance to appreciate the landscape step by step, and to experience the arctic at your own pace.


With spectacular destinations like the Romanzof Mountains and Gates of the Arctic National Park you will be as delighted by the Brooks Range scenery as you are by our professional guides.


Summer in the Brooks Range is serene with daylight as our constant and companion. The complete lack of darkness frees us of a time-oriented schedule and so we eat when hungry, walk when inspired, and sleep when the sun circles lazily along the northern horizon. Backpacking in the Brooks Range is an adventure.

What to Expect from Alaska Backpacking

Backpacking in Alaska is always an adventure. We frequently use streams as highways, as do the migrating wildlife. There are vast gravel bars where we can take long strides and take in the magnificent views of the mountains. There are dry ridges where we will feel as if we are walking amongst the clouds.


Backpacking in Alaska, and especially in the Brooks Range, is an off-trail experience, so a 6-mile day leaves us happily tired but with some energy left over for exploring near camp.  We will typically travel around 35 miles over 8 days with one or two days devoted to hiking without our packs, watching wildlife, or just enjoying the beauty of the Brooks Range from camp.


Alaska Backpacking Preparation

While Alaska backpacking is appropriate for both experienced backpackers and newcomers in good shape, it is a very good idea to have some experience with overnight backpacking prior to the trip. Each hiker will get 15-20 pounds of food and community gear to carry, expect to start the trip with a pack weighing close to 50 pounds.


Conditioning is highly recommended for everyone. We recommend walking as often as possible with 25-30 #. in your backpack. Use the boots you will be hiking in. A couple weeks before your trip, add weight until your pack weighs 40-45 pounds. You can alternate this with the Stairmaster or bike riding. The better condition you are in, the more you will enjoy backpacking in Alaska.

Alaska backpacking trips in the Alaska Brooks Range
Alaska backpacking trips in ANWRAlaska Backpacking in Gates of the Arctic


2015 Brooks Range Backpacking Trips





High Peaks Backpack

Arctic Refuge (ANWR)

06/06/15 - 06/12/15


Wulik Peaks Backpack

Western Brooks Range

06/24/15 - 07/01/15


Gates of the Arctic Backpack

(Alatna to Noatak)

Gates of the Arctic

08/04/15 - 08/11/15


Big Sky Backpack

Arctic Refuge (ANWR)

08/16/15 - 08/23/15


Want more options? See our complete 2015 schedule.

Don't see the Alaska Backpacking trip of your dreams? Contact us about a custom trip.

Arctic Wild offers guided Alaska backpacking tours through the Brooks Range, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Romanzoff Mountains and the Arrigetch Peaks Alaska.